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1. Target DNA sequence at a genomic locus 

  • 2. Left TALEN target sequence 

  • 3. Right TALEN target sequence 

  • 3. Search range from putative cleavage site 

     nt (–)

     nt (+)

    4. Maximum size for microhomology 

  • 4. E-mail address (Optional) 

    How to use:

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    This web-based program finds two local microhomologies (3-6 bp in length) to predict potential deletion patterns induced by engineered nucleases TALENs.

    1. Enter your target region of genomic DNA (50-500 bp in length).

    2. Enter your TALEN Left and Right targeting sequences (10-30 bp in length) that exist in the above target region.

    3. Press "Compute" to get results.

    Sample data: